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Back-to-school activities

The city of Lyon proposes you a wide choice of cultural activities in September and October, for every age and every taste.

A particularly appreciated event by the tourists and people from Lyon : The Biennale de la danse.
It is composed by more than forty presentations in magical places in Lyon such as the Opera, the Studio 24, the Crois Rousse theatre, the 3000 salle or the Maison de la danse. The Grand Hotel de la Paix Lyon is again, a priviledge partner of the Dance Biennale. Thanks to its amazing geographical situation, you will have the possibility to enjoy the various events next to the hotel.

Come and discover Louis XV or Catherine II portraits. The exhibition presents the the weaven pieces in Lyon from Philippe de Lasalle (18. century ) to more contemporary productions. The museum is situated just 50 meters from the Grand Hotel de la Paix Lyon.


Discover the work of a local artist from Lyon in the galeries of the national gallery of Lyon : Exposition-dossier du 23 juin au 24 septembre 2012

During your stay, the Grand hôtel de la Paix in Lyon will propose you a various range of activites to help you make your stay unforgivable.


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5 strengths

  • Located in the heart of Lyon
  • Friendly, contemporary setting
  • Spacious rooms
  • Great views over Fourvière
  • Five minutes from the business district